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Design principle




Your building?The system of Deltaribs is now ready for its first application in a building. For this, we are looking for a team (client, architect, manufacturer) to build this innovation together. The principles of the system are established, known and tested. All that rests is an optimisation of the modelling, engineering and fabrication. Please contact Martijn Veltkamp if you are interested to join.

The system lends itself for pavilions, facades, roofs and canopies, all with spans up to 15 meter. The pattern of ribs distinguishes the structure from every other.

Many types of coverings are envisageable for the openings between, above or below the ribs, and is up to the imagination of the design team. Examples are composite panels and transparant or translucent inflated cushions of ETFE-foil.
Deltaribs with ETFE-cushions in between
Cross section of a curved building part, with ETFE cushions in between Deltaribs.

The key features of Deltaribs are summarised in a one-page flyer (pdf, 351kb). Download flyer Deltaribs

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